For some years now we have had an active Children's Liturgy at Sunday 10.30 Mass, during school term times.  Children age 3 and above are invited to process out of church after the introduction to go to the hall or upstairs parish rooms, and to return at the Offertory Procession.  There is a rota offering a variety of sessions and leaders:
Some Sundays we divide into three groups: (Gospel Sundays)

  • Little Church age about 3-5yrs
  • Children's Liturgy age about 6-8yrs
  • Junior Liturgy age 8yrs and above
Children at St Agnes

These groups offer the children the chance to hear the Gospel of the day in child-friendly language, to discuss it and to participate in a short activity to help them gain understanding of its message.  If older children want to come along to help a younger brother or sister, it's fine for them to join a younger group.

On the other Sundays, children of all ages are in one group together – using drama, music or art to help them reflect on and express features of the readings of the day (Drama, Music and Art Sundays).

All children are welcome, but we do need the children to sit fairly quietly, especially in Gospel Sundays, so that everyone can hear.  Children who are under pre-school age do need to be accompanied.  Other parents are welcome to stay if their children really want them to be there.  Please feel free to come along to give any of these groups a try any week – and if you are new, do let the leader know.

There are also special events during the year to celebrate Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day, for example. 

Leaders are mainly parents (although some of our children are grown up now), grandparents and young adults or teenagers who help to run the groups.  We are always keen to welcome new leaders and helpers.  If you are interested in getting involved, please speak to Fr John or any one of the leaders.

All children's leaders and adult helpers are subject to enhanced CRB disclosures.