What is Cursillo in Christianity?  What does the word "cursillo" mean?

Very often, because we lead such busy lives, we do not have the time to pause and ask ourselves the questions:


  • Who is Jesus for me?
  • Why is my faith so important to me?
  • What am I doing about my prayer life?
  • How am I sharing my faith with others?


Pope Benedict reminds us that the Gospel must become life in the person: - the person is to BE and BECOME the good news.  Cursillo enriches and deepens our relationship with Christ. It gives us confidence to live as a Christian in our everyday life, loving one another as Christ loves us.


Cursillo in Christianity started in Spain during the Spanish Civil War 1936 - 1939 when a group of young Catholic Action Lay people began a pilgrimage to Compostella and started a Novena striving to bring back Christianity to their homeland. 

Since then Cursillo has become a worldwide Movement and in 1966 Pope Paul VI gave a papal approval and made St Paul its patron saint


'Cursillo' is a Church Movement which by means of its own method (the method of Cursillo) makes possible for ordinary people to live what is fundamental to being a Christian.  By living it with others, it enables people to discover and fulfil their personal vocations.  The Cursillo Movement promotes the creation of core groups of Christians who influence their environments with the message of the Gospel


What does the word 'Cursillo' mean..... 'Short Course'.  It begins with a three-day course offering friendship and encouragement through the sacraments, quiet prayer, meditations, the sharing of our faith in small groups and fun.  The experience enables an 'encounter with God','an encounter with yourself', and 'an encounter with others' .


Sincere Christians align themselves with the outcast, befriend the lonely, suffer with those who are suffering, are a light to those in darkness and a liberating presence to all, who are imprisoned.  These things are not an end in themselves, nor done in the hope of some future reward.  They are the fruits of Christian friendship with Christ


The gifts of God, free will, love, friendship, conviction, sincerity and joy prepare us for the unifying of our everyday lives with the message of the Gospel by recognising the presence of Christ in our day to day situations and by transmitting His love in a totally normal and ordinary way